What you should know about choosing a new ac unit in Apple Valley

What you should know about choosing a new ac unit in Apple Valley

What you should know about choosing a new ac unit in Apple ValleyIf you've just moved to a new home or need to update your AC unit, there are a few things you should know before picking one. Below, we discuss which features to consider when making a decision. When you're ready to buy a new AC unit in Apple Valley, CA, leave it to Comfy Air Inc. to show you the best units on the market.

Features and Functions

Modern AC units are equipped with a whole variety of functions. Quiet modes will lessen the noise your unit emits while you're asleep, while standby modes can automatically reduce their output to use less energy. Several models can even be programmed from a smartphone. If you're interested in purifying the air while cooling it, choose an AC unit that comes with an air filtration system.

Choosing the Right Size

It is especially frustrating to go through the time and energy of choosing and installing an AC unit to discover that it isn't capable of properly cooling your space. Before purchasing, confirm that your AC unit matches the size of the room. A unit that is too small will waste energy trying to cool the room, while one that is too large won't be able to do a good job of dehumidifying the room. Ceiling fans can help circulate the cool air in a room, saving you money on energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

It's important to pick a unit that cools a room without expending too much energy. Energy-efficient units should have either an EER or SEER rating. The energy efficiency ratio, or EER, compares the quantity of cooling energy to the amount of electricity needed to run the unit. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The main distinction with SEER ratings is that it takes into account seasonal use rather than year-round usage. A good SEER rating is generally 14 or higher.

Air Conditioner Sales and Installation in Apple Valley

Whether you're building a new house, refurbishing an old one, improving working conditions, or replacing an aged AC system, you can rely on Comfy Air Inc. for professional air conditioner sales and installation in Apple Valley and the neighboring California communities. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs to ensure that you receive the perfect product at the right price. Don't hesitate to contact us at (760) 546-9434 to learn more about our inventory and the HVAC brand names that we work with. We can't wait to help you cool off!

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Posted: June 2022

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What you should know about choosing a new ac unit in Apple Valley
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