3 Common Gas Fireplace Issues

3 Common Gas Fireplace Issues

3 Common Gas Fireplace IssuesMany homeowners prefer gas fireplaces because they recreate the cozy appearance of traditional fireplaces, but with greater efficiency and ease of use. When a gas fireplace seems to be malfunctioning, homeowners often worry that there is a significant safety hazard at hand. But a lot of the time, there actually isn't a major safety or mechanical issue. Still, it's always best to play it safe and have an HVAC professional come by to conduct an inspection. Here's a look at three gas fireplace problems.

Pilot Light Is Out

If your pilot light goes out, you can check your owner's manual to see how to properly reignite it. In many cases, when a pilot light goes out, it doesn't mean that there's actually a significant problem with the unit. But if you keep having to reignite your pilot light again and again, then you may have a damaged thermopile. In such a situation, you'll want to have an HVAC technician take care of the problem.

Strange Smells

While a strange odor emanating from the fireplace might cause you alarm, this could be occurring from a source that isn't actually a major safety concern, such as the cleaning product that you used on the fireplace's glass. Nevertheless, it's smart to take the necessary precautions, especially if you know you're smelling gas or burning wires. If this is the case, you'll want to shut off your fireplace and call in an HVAC professional.

Fails to Ignite

If your fireplace won't ignite, it could be because of air in the tubing. To bleed out the air, you'll want to hold down the pilot button for one to two minutes. There's a good chance that this will do the trick. But if you can tell that gas is coming out of the pilot and you're not able to ignite, then you could be dealing with a faulty spark ignitor. You can check to see if any debris has gotten between the spark ignitor and thermocouple. But if you still can't figure out what is preventing ignition, then it'll be worthwhile to call in an HVAC technician who can quickly conduct accurate diagnostics and then get right to work on returning your fireplace to normal working order.

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Posted: November 15, 2020

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