Our Apple Valley Experts Explain Common Fireplace Troubles

Our Apple Valley Experts Explain Common Fireplace Troubles

Our Apple Valley Experts Explain Common Fireplace TroublesBefore you know it, chilly winter nights will have you cozying up by the fire. It's best to check your fireplace for any issues now before you need it. Below, we explain a few of the most common fireplace issues to keep an eye on. When you need professional fireplace repair in Apple Valley, CA, leave it to Comfy Air Inc. to do the job right.

There's a Creosote Buildup

Creosote is the black or brown, often sticky, residue that coats the walls of your fireplace and chimney after lighting a fire. It can also be a major chimney fire hazard when it's not cleaned. If an excessive amount of smoke starts making its way into your home rather than through the chimney, it could be due to creosote. To reduce creosote build-up, only burn seasoned wood with less than 20 percent moisture content. Creosote also accumulates when there is a lack of air supply, which can happen when keeping the doors of your fireplace closed for too long. To make sure there is a sufficient air supply, occasionally open the fireplace doors and damper wide enough for ample airflow.

Critters Have Moved In

If you hear scratching or strange sounds coming from your chimney, there's a good chance an animal has moved in. The most common animals that can be found in your chimney are raccoons, squirrels, bats, and small birds. Some critters will build nests that can block the top of your chimney, putting you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily, it's easy to keep most animals out by installing a chimney cap.

The Pilot Light Is Out

In gas fireplaces, the pilot light is a tiny, constant flame that ignites the main burners when the fireplace is turned on. If the pilot light is out, the fireplace won't work. Sometimes, the gas flow will need to be restarted and the pilot light will need to be relit manually. If this doesn't solve the issue, there may be moisture in the gas line, which will require the expertise of a fireplace technician.

Fireplace Repair in Apple Valley

Trying to diagnose and repair fireplace issues on your own can be dangerous, especially when working with a gas fireplace. If your fireplace won't turn on, doesn't produce heat or otherwise malfunctions, give us a call at (760) 546-9434. We will send a professional fireplace technician to your location to ensure proper fireplace repair in Apple Valley.

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Posted: July 2022

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