How to Tell When to Replace Your Home's Air Conditioner

How to Tell When to Replace Your Home's Air Conditioner

How to Tell When to Replace Your Home's Air ConditionerOnce again, summer is here and the thermometer is spiking. To ensure that your family stays comfortable and healthy, you need your air conditioning to function optimally. At the first sign of trouble with your AC unit, you'll want to have an HVAC specialist come over to complete an inspection. Here's a look at five signs that you need a new air conditioner.

Higher Energy Bill

When an AC unit begins to falter, it may use up an excessive amount of power as it struggles to keep the home cool. Rather than pay for higher energy expenses, you can instead invest in a new, energy-efficient unit.

Continues to Run

If your AC unit continuously runs, then it's likely near the end of its lifespan. With this symptom, it'll be worthwhile to have an HVAC professional inspect your unit to determine if a new unit will be needed.

Struggles to Blow Cold Air

If your system is failing to blow cold air, then you might be able to resolve the problem by getting your ductwork professionally cleaned. But this symptom could also be indicative of a mechanical problem that requires repair.

Old Age

You can generally expect an AC unit to function efficiently for 10 to 15 years. But beyond this timeframe, it could steadily become more expensive to operate. If your unit is getting up there in years, it could be time to start budgeting for a replacement.

Regularly Needs Repair

By scheduling annual or semi-annual HVAC maintenance, you can help to minimize the chances of AC trouble arising in the first place. But if you do keep up on maintenance and your unit still often requires service, then it could be time to cut the cord and start fresh with a new air conditioner.

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Posted: June 16, 2020

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