The Most Common Forms of Mold Seen in Air Ducts

The Most Common Forms of Mold Seen in Air Ducts

Mold is not just an unwelcome presence; it can be hazardous to your health. The preferred growing conditions for mold are warm, damp places such as air ducts and leaky windows. We've outlined the mold types normally found in air ducts below. We recommend regular cleaning of your home or business' air ducts to protect your health. Air duct cleaning not only removes mold, but also other allergens that affect air quality. Get in touch with Comfy Air Inc. in Victorville, CA, if you are looking for air duct cleaning for your home or business.


In your house, you are most likely to find this type of mold in your air vents and air conditioners, where it can easily spread. Mucor is recognizable by its white, fluffy appearance. The majority of Mucor strains cannot grow above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, but some are heat-tolerant. Immunocompromised individuals may experience severe side effects from mucor, but most people and animals only experience minor respiratory issues.


As this mold grows deep inside air ducts, it can be more difficult to find, so a yearly air duct cleaning is essential. Black or green, it spreads rapidly in moist conditions. Stachybotrys is one of the most harmful types of mold. It is known to cause difficulty in breathing, fatigue, and sinusitis.


This species of mold is also known to flourish in moist conditions. Color can vary from cream to green. Trichoderma can cause respiratory issues like coughing and sneezing, and in more serious cases, pneumonia, if it is inhaled.

Mold Control in Victorville

The following steps can help inhibit mold growth in your home or office, improving the overall air quality. Mold thrives in damp environments, so keep the humidity low at home. Make sure that your roof, windows, and pipes are not leaking. It's important to keep washers and dryers and showers adequately ventilated. A professional air duct cleaning is recommended every year.

To schedule commercial or residential air duct cleaning, be sure to call a reputable HVAC specialist. For all your air quality issues in Victorville, Adelanto, and Hesperia, CA, contact the experts at Comfy Air Inc. at (760) 546-9434. Give Comfy Air Inc. a call today to meet all of your HVAC needs!

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Posted: September 2021

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